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Petanque is a fun game where two sides attempt to throw a metal boule (ball) closer to a wooden jack than the other side, a little like bowls (but only “a little”). A petanque side can consist of one, two or three players.

It is usually played on a gravelly or sandy surface. And you have a facility, right here in Gotherington, which was installed just for this purpose. It’s the gravelly area, in the sports ground behind the village hall, beside the children’s play area. Why not come an have a look? Why not come and have a go?

If you have not tried Petanque, or even if you have, and would like to have a go why not come along to one of the club sessions or contact one of us. This is a game to suit all ages, from older teens to geriatrics, male or female, so come as a family if you like.

We have spare boules (balls) and will be very happy to share our enthusiasm for the game and help you get started. The rules are simple and remember, we all had to start somewhere. We were pretty useless at first but it is amazing how quickly you get the hang of it. It matters not a jot if you are no good to start with. If you can hold a steel ball in one hand and throw in front of you – you are about 60% of the way there! And don’t worry, you certainly do not have to commit to every session or pre-book, so come and watch, talk to us, or join in. We would love to see you.

Club sessions

Sunday: 10:00am start

Wednesday: 2:00pm start

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