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History of Gotherington

There is evidence to suggest that Gotherington was in existence by about 780 and its name means “farmstead associated with Guthere”. At some time after this, probably by the end of the tenth century, the area was split into Upper and Lower Gotherington and this distinction continued into the sixteenth century.
Gotherington appears in the Domesday Book as a one line entry. In 1851 there were five farms of over 100 acres and a further six of more than 25 acres. After this time agricultural activity declined and there was an upsurge in market gardening in the village. Other changes also occurred with the appearance of a number of shops in the village; the school started in 1881 and a post office opened in 1894; the Parish Council was inaugurated in 1894.
The G.W.R. Honeybourne to Cheltenham railway line, which served Gotherington, was completed in 1906 and operated until 1976. As part of the Toddington-Cheltenham Racecourse restored line, trains now pass through Gretton, Stanley Pontlarge and Far Stanley, through Dixton Cutting and occasionally stopping (on request) at Gotherington Halt.

The Parish of Gotherington is located some five miles north of Cheltenham, on the A435 road to Evesham. It lies on one of the Severn River terraces at about 60 metres above sea level and below Nottingham Hill, which is an outlier off Cleeve Hill. The Village population in mid 2003 was some 1200 people.
with kind permission of the Gotherington Area Local History Society