Parish Meeting 7th Feb 7.30 Village Hall re: Church Centre

You are invited to a Parish meeting on Wed. 7th Feb. at 7.30pm in the Village Hall,  to call on the Parish Council to hold a referendum of the village before proceeding with the purchase of the Church Centre.

Parish Meeting 7th February 2018

7.30pm Village Hall, Gotherington

Call for a Referendum/Poll

Purchase and Renovation of the Church Centre

On Monday 22nd January the Parish Council held an extraordinary general meeting to discuss the purchase and renovation of the Church Centre.  The majority of views expressed by the 80+ attendees were against the proposal.  Despite this the council voted to proceed with a majority of 1 vote.

The cost of the project is far above that stated in the initial vote on March 2017, the Parish Council are now planning to take out a loan for £173,625 over 30 years which with interest will cost £255,780.

The building will generate some income which will reduce repayments but the level of income is unclear and not guaranteed.

I am calling this meeting to ask the Parish Council to hold a full referendum/poll of the village prior to proceeding with the purchase of the Church Centre to confirm the majority of the village support this level of spending.

Please attend.

David Douglas


The costs presented by the working group are:

Total funding requirement £219,907
Less PCC funding £19,000
Less S106 funding £27,282
Loan requirement £173,625
Total repayment cost over 30 years £255,780 (£8526 x 30 years)
Total investment in the project

(loan repayment + PCC + S106)



The full details of the project are here :

The meeting notice can be viewed here.

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